We're not all serious, lets have some fun

At Mitchell Court, we want you to enjoy a rich and rewarding time, with a full activities plan that covers a wide range of interests and abilities. We have a van onsite which we use regularly for offsite outings. We keenly listen to your ideas, and arange activities that include:

  • In-house concerts and trips to external events
  • Exercise sessions, indoor games, and bowls
  • Regular lunch outings and picnics
  • Bingo, board and card games
  • Craft and quizz sessions
  • Citizens Club, shopping and garden outings
  • Newspapers, videos, and big-print book library
  • School children and volunteers visit each week , Weekly trips out to activities like conversation cafe
  • Our mini bus- Regular trips and outings using Mobility taxi transport

Our recreational coordinator is onsite four days a week. We have a new extended activity programme that caters for group and individual interests. We also have monthly pampering – hand massages and nail care.

We also provide the services of a Chaplain who holds a non-denominational service twice a month, and of course your own spiritual advisor is always welcome.

Don't Be Shy. Get In Touch.

To find out more about Mitchell Court, call on 07 576 1899 or email via the below button